2012. július 18., szerda

Against a coming retaliation

Probably the most of you asking the question, that how many more innocent people will be mired because bullshit. The László Csatáry-case is like this. In 2011 we saw when they dragged Sándor Képíró into the court, however he was 97 years old. He did nothing wrong, just did his work as a police captain, and after 68 years he got mired because contradictory testimonies. Finally, the court made justice, he wasn't guilty, but shortly after it he died in the 3rd of september 2011. Now that the IMF delegation is coming to Hungary, those who are still able to think, knows that all of these procedures are simple blackmail between our illegitim government and an independent organization from our country (but those who are clearly see the things, they know it isn't!). The ask are simple: we should lick the IMF and the Wiesenthal Institute's ass to be shiny, or we don't get fair financial help to Hungary. It's like what happened with Ante Gotovina, where the EU made a priority term from judge a man being guilt(of course, only by them!) for Croatia to get the EU membership.

Now we living those time, where these kind of motherfuckers like Béla Biszku (who ordered volley-fires to the hungarian resistance's prisoners, and also responsible for the retaliatons after 1956) can live in peace, and get a huge amount of luxury pension.

The brainwashed are waiting with bloody mouth and barking what will be the result of the hunting against László Csatáry. They want blood. But we will do our part as far as possible, and the "antifa" and other left wing scumbags have to count with us!