2010. május 25., kedd

Nationalistii Autonomi Timisoara Interview

1. Please introduce your movement! When was it founded, and what purposes lead you to establish your movement?

Our movement started its activity in the year 2007. We were just a few men. We name it Ofensiva Odal (Odal Offensive). Then, at the 20 April 2008, at the Fuhrer Geburtstag, other comrades joined us and we got a breath of fresh air, a new motivation. We took clear objectives, a strategy, we began to build a true NS movement and to work daily to be stronger and to spread our principles in witch we strongly believe.
We didn’t gather just because we are not satisfied with the actual situation. We joined this movement first of all because we believe that the best political system for our country will be NS. We began our journey decided to fight for a National-Socialist Romania.

2. What means to be an autonomic nationalist for you?

It means a new type of implication, an individual and independent activism, in witch there are no managers, secretaries, hierarchy, coordinators, legitimating, owners, chiefs, leaders or other kind of divided authority (sure that an internal order exists, a group harmony, that everybody feels, predicts and fits in it).
In this vision, the tactic of the autonomic nationalists describes itself as a true “laboratory of ideas” WITHOUT CHIEFS AND OWNERS, the landmark of all witch revolt against the liberal globalization, of that entire search for a national alternative to the passive acceptance of the System. The autonomic activism that decides to “auto produce” responds only to itself, to its own decisions.
We have to recognize that to be an autonomic nationalist is not it’s own purpose, it is just a method in witch we promote and serve our NS ideas. Today it seams for us the most fitting system, because of its laws and other factors. In the future maybe we will abandon this tactic but we will take always the decisions depending on how much they are in favor to our fight for national-socialism.

3. What’s your opinion about the Romanian NS movement?
Strengths and weaknesses.

If I have to use only this terms, I would say that it’s weak. I prefer to say that we are still at the beginning; they are only a few years since we began this way and we have much work to do.
The effects are seen now, slowly our number is growing, and the people see us friendlier and are more open to listen to our message. For the moment we are the only NS movement in Romania, and there are attempts of a Blood and Honor division in Romania. We would be happy to see other movements rising too. We are not against that and we don’t see them as intruders trying to divide us. We see in every new NS group created a plus for our national movement in general, and especially for the NS movement. One day somebody will appear and will manage to convince and unite as all, when the time will come. Till then we advice all to begin immediately to work for the movement and we will help them with all that we can.

4. What’s your opinion about the European movement?

I don’t know if we could talk about a “European movement”. The situation is different from country to country, as you well know. In Germany there is a strong movement, but also restrictive, totalitarian laws, as well in the Czech Republic. In Spain there are many groups but also a big opposition towards them (because of the Moroccan, Tunisian, Latin-American immigrants and the brain-washing of the autochthonous by the system media.) I see also that more nationalist groups appear in the European countries and that there is a greater determination of the national-socialist political soldiers in the fight against the system, a radicalization of the combatants. This also gives more trust to the new recruits.

5. Your country joined the European Union in 2007. What's changed after it? The situation in your country got worse, or got better?

It definitely got worse. The population has been dumbfounded with the television for years and was practically hypnotized. The idea has been inoculated that in the EU they will find streams of milk and honey. For this illusory welfare we lost our independence and sovereignty. The most praiseful values for a nation and for witch generations of Romanians sacrificed their lives. On the 9th of May we celebrate the winning of the independence of Romania. Today we don’t have it any more. We depend on a bunch of bureaucrats in Brussels who take all our important economical and political decisions as games in the occult lodges. And became nothing more than a bunch of good contributors to the EU budget with 1,4 billions of euro annual. Just a small part of this money goes back to Romania yearly, ca. 7%. There is no more money for salaries, rents, welfare, mass dismissals take place. EU didn’t help us with anything, the governors jumped in the empty in the arms of the IMF. They mortgaged the country and the future of our nation. Corrupt, slouch and traitor politicians are our biggest enemies.

6. How do you see the chauvinism in Europe, what's the opinion of your country's NS people about that?

Chauvinism is excluded from our movement and the collaboration with chauvinist movements in Europe is excluded. Our motto is clear: "Respect everyone's country, but love your own."

7. What’s your opinion about the Hungarian Romanian opposition? The conflict for Erdély, and the local Hungarians relationship with Romanians? How do you judge the Trianon-contract from the view of the NS movement?

We have nothing against the Hungarians that don’t have anything against us. The majority of the Hungarians (from Romania) doesn’t wish the autonomy and are satisfied with the rights that they have in Romania.
Many of them are even revolted by the frequently chauvinistic policy of UDMR. There are just professional agitators, mainly aimed at rush functions and swelling their personal accounts. (Same as all Romanian politicians) Rights for Székely and Hungarians in Romania are only pretexts. Many Hungarians and Szeklers who consistently voted for UDMR are now themselves trying to build an alternative.
UDMR coalitions were about 13 years in power and which were the results? Their politicians have become more prosperous, multimillionaire in euros, while Hungarian population has not won anything. The Barons of UDMR cut, (often) illegal and in personal interest, the people forests from HARCOV (so-called Szekely Land), without being concerned with reforestation, and this are just some signs that they are robbers. Woodworking is the main occupation of Szeklers and they will remain soon without their work. Those two counties are among the poorest in the country and live from other districts redistributing aid budget.

About the Trianon problem,

From my point of view, as a Romanian, the Treaty of Trianon was late and useless. Grand National Union of December 1th 1918 was performed. Romanians were representatives all over Transylvania, with its German population (Swabians and Saxons), Serbian, other ethnic minorities, even Hungarian being outnumbered. It acted there a national-socialist principle: The same blood, same language, to live in one country under a single ruler. And the Romanians were an absolute majority in Transylvania. Transylvania decided to unite with Romania, as in Romanian representatives from all over Transylvania, with its German population (Swabians and Saxons), Serbs, other ethnic minorities, even Hungarian, decided together.
According to Árpád Varga E. in “Hungarians in Transylvania between 1870 and 1995” in Transylvania were 2,831,222 Romanians (53.8%) and 2,431,273 others (mostly Hungarians - 1,662,948 (31.6%) and Germans - 563,087 (10.7%)). The 1919 and 1920 Transylvanian censuses indicate a greater percentage of Romanians (57.1%/57.3%) and a smaller Hungarian minority (26.5%/25.5%). Kingdom of Hungary was a multi-national state and such states / empires are doomed to decay. It is the law of nature.
Trianon must know that in reality (one to capture what many say, but it is historical truth) has wronged Romania. We, Romanians, have lost territory, the country joined in 1918 and a Romanian population remained on the field Tisa. In 1920 remained in Hungary without being changed into Hungarians 65,000 Romanian out of the border area (after Stephen Manciulea, an exegete of the problem)
This fact was indirectly confirmed by British experts and the committee which established ethnic boundary demarcation with 10 to 15 km further west than the present border, close to the line agreed with the Entente treaty signed by Romania in 1916. Trianon must know that in reality they wronged Romania.
Something else must be said. Greater Romania had already a strong army. Evidence is that in August 3, 1919 it managed to free the people of Budapest in a Hungary placed under Judeo-Bolshevik dictatorship of Bela Kun. I think this could be an event to celebrate together, as a moment of solidarity between our nations in anti-Judeo-Bolshevik war.

On situation in Transylvania, Ambassador of the third Reich Wilhelm Fabricius, wrote to the Fuhrer the Secret Telegram No. 1326 from August 1, 1940 which stated:

1.History. Transylvania (province claimed by Hungary - Ed) was, after the German colonization 800 years ago, independent of the system in charge... Only in 1868 under constraint pressure (Habsburg - Ed) Transylvania was incorporated into the Hungarian state and Magyars monarchy systematically tried to change people’s nationality. So Hungary has ruled Transylvania in passing, for 50 years.

2.Ethnic. Claiming the greater part of Transylvania, with 54,600 km, the Hungarians forget that the population ratio is not to their advantage (3 / 5 Romanian to 2 / 5 Hungarian Székely and others magyarised-note), ought Hungarians are just two fifths in the area claimed. Banat itself was not claimed by the Hungarians in 1919, because it had a small percentage of Hungarians ...

3.Economic. Transylvania formed an economic space by itself from immemorial time... which meet the demands for maximum cut would be in Hungarian’s disadvantage. In particular, would be separated from one another the agricultural and industrial regions and they would lose any sales territory.

4. Biological. Romanian people are biologically young and growing. The peasantry is healthy and rich in children. Hungarian people are stagnating for centuries. The Hungarian state is maintained only by Magyarization of all kinds of foreign nations.

5.In terms of ethnic Germans, Hungarians maximum performance claims should break the Germans ethnic group in Transylvania because this would be cut north of Valea Tarnavei, 61,000 in number, of the other 192,000. Thus, both parties would be significantly weakened and would be strangled economically. The Germans in Satu Mare should be resettled elsewhere to the extent that since the Romanian rule, more than 3,000 people restored their true nationality.

Otherwise, we have group members who have Romanian and Hungarian or Székely roots. They are reliable comrades and we get along awesome.

8. Please write a few words about exiting the Second World War!

On August 23, 1944 King Michael I of Hohenzollern (German origin) together with a Judeo-communists conspiracy group made a coup and arrested Marshal Antonescu, the leader of the state. Orders were given, false and illegitimate orders to the Romanian troops on the eastern front. Thus, about 150,000 Romanian soldiers fall prisoners of the Soviets (the radio broadcast as the King would have signed an armistice with URSSS).
Many of them were murdered by the Bolsheviks; others have been deported to Siberia and even in Uzbekistan (where there is today a community of them). Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler automatically accepted management’s decision of the Romaine Legionnaire Movement / Iron Guard to form an army to fight the Soviet advance. The army was called Romanian National Army, was led by General Platon Chirnoaga and trained for a period by Otto Skorzeny. Fortunately for you, Skorzeny acted in time and recovered when Horthyst Hungary had entered into talks with USSR and the Allies.)
They particularly highlighted in battle and more Romanian soldiers joined leaving the army led by the pro-Soviet rulers. They have acted on their side against the Red Army in Hungary, being also in the Oder line.

9. How do you fight against the system? What circumstances makes your work harder and harder, how's the ZOG trying to silence your voices?

To begin with we are found of the usual methods of propaganda (Internet, graffiti, stickers, posters, magazines, leaflets, and meetings) and to contact those who are distinguished from the amorphous mass of ordinary people and have very critical voices against the system. Some of them responded positively, others still hesitate (because of the negative image that was created towards national-socialist by media), but eventually we will found each other on the same side of the barricade, there is no other solution. And to some things that cannot be said in public, not because it would be illegal, but we cannot let them know the whole system strategy. Surprise factor will work in full. Until now we had no particular problems, but there are public pressures in this respect from the international Zionist circles.

10. In Europe, almost every country has an effective antifa scene, except a few countries (like Hungary). Have you got antifa scene in Romania?

Antifa scene is pretty weak. Romanian Antifa cannot compare itself in numbers and organization with Germany, the Netherlands or Spain, for example. When organizing concerts here, those who came from abroad outnumbered the local Antifa. They are confused youngsters, mostly influenced by black culture promoted by the crap on MTV. All are victims of some associations that suck huge amounts of money from the state and various international organizations (like our famous “mutual friend”; George Soros) and who used to handle the different mass demonstrations, concerts, soldering posters, stickers. They remain with the idea that they are saviors of humanity, people from those associations remain with pockets full of money....
Goes like this. In any case, they didn’t succeed until now to break nationalist marches and if they try they will be exterminated.

11. Another thing, what makes opposition among us nowadays: RELIGION. What's your opinion about it?

Religion is a personal issue of each group member. Myself, I am an Orthodox Christian and I don’t like atheists. I think they are not capable of strong beliefs and at a certain time I’m sure they will quit.
“We were convinced that the people needs and requires this faith. We have therefore undertaken the fight against the atheistic movement, and that not merely with a few theoretical declarations: we have stamped it out.” -Adolf Hitler, in a speech in Berlin on 24 Oct. 1933
No Muslims or Satanists are welcomed. They cannot join us.

12. Last word is yours to send a word to the Hungarian readers! What will it be?

First let me thank you for your questions and interest. I apologize if the answers are too long, but I think we have to share lots of information. Friendly greetings to all your readers and wish you to have more and more. We are neighbors and we have no other choice but to understand each other. We have big enemies that I will no longer nominate. We cannot pass over the Gypsy problem. They kill, steal and put their hands on everything and destroying like termites. If the legendary King Midas turned into gold everything he touched, these guys turn into mud, dust and ashes all that they touch. This is perhaps the only population that does nothing but launch attacks against the nation that hosts them.
Don’t let them do that! Keep Hungary White!